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F-SIM Space Shuttle

F-SIM Space Shuttle

Exhibit - F-SIM Space Shuttle
Release Date - 2010
Platform - I-Phone
Host sim - Self
Designers - Sascha Ledinsky
Publisher - Sascha Ledinsky (Apple App Store)
Official Website - http://www.f-sim.com/test2/
In collection - No
Description - " - "F-SIM Space Shuttle is a highly realistic simulation of the Space Shuttle approach and landing. Take command of the Orbiter during its last minutes of descent and safely touch down at John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base. "
Comments - "Great thing is that a final approach only takes 2 minutes so you can do it whatever spare moments with little fuss. I'm having trouble being consistently smooth and gentle on the accelerometers (the thing has almost no mass so I have to brace my elbows against my chest, bring the screen close with no glasses on, and really balance those tiny motions to keep everything happy). I can usually get a hard landing now (final flare is quite touchy), sometimes "safe" and hoping for good and perfect in coming days. Then I will take on the full HAC approach from high altitude (all subsonic, not the reentry part which is autopilot IRL anyway). Then I can start to add more wind and turbulence. Lots of replay considering it’s a flying brick simulated on a tiny screen. An amazing little $2 sim developed by a single Austrian guy. "


Aviation Screen Saver

Exhibit - Aviation Screen Saver
Release Date -
Platform - PC DOS
Host sim -
Designers -
Publisher - Abacus
In collection -
Comments -

Airport Scenery Designer

Exhibit - Airport Scenery Designer
Release Date -
Platform - PC DOS
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 98
Designers -
Publisher - Abacus
In collection - No
Comments - .

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