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3-D movies at home

A Taiwanese software company sells a Direct 3D filter which turns all your 2D movie content into 3D. Yes, it does work. Download the free trial and give it a go.

Website: http://3dfier.blogspot.com/

Apparently it integrates neatly with Windows media Player, although I use it with Stereoscopic Player 1.7.1.

Documentaries such as the Canadian "Jetstream", following CF/A-18 training becomes thrill-a-minute. In the BFM footage you feel as if you're right there, turning and burning. Animated features prove to have startling and satisfying 3D qualities. The Justice League Unlimited Season 2 'Flash and Substance' episode gave a real sense of the Flash's speed. Narrgh, words don't do it 'justice'. Get hold of it and try it for yourself.

PC Pilot Magazine: Issue 11

Title - PC Pilot Magazine Issue 011
Release Date - Sep 2000
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes
Comments - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002- we've got an exclusive interview with Bruce Williams from Microsoft.

PC Pilot Magazine: Issue 16

Title - PC Pilot Magazine Issue 016
Release Date - Mar 2002
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes
Comments - Reviews of Combat Jet Trainer, Sabre vs. MiG, SimCharts v2.0, Warbirds Extreme, FS Architect, Nova Austrian Airports, PSS BAe Bulldog, At The Controls book, Cybex FS2002 guide.

Books and Videos for the Carrier Crazed

Books and Videos for the Carrier Crazed by Bruce Irving http://flyingsinger.blogspot.com/

Aircraft carriers have always fascinated me. I can remember building a model of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) when I was around 10 years old (let's not think about how long ago THAT was). It was maybe three feet long and the jets I painted and glued to the deck were maybe an inch or so. A carrier is something that is both huge and tiny at the same time -- you can compare it to a building if you see it in port, or to a postage stamp if you're thinking about landing on it. I was thrilled when I finally got aboard a real carrier -- I was lucky enough to tour the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) in San Diego a few years ago. It was in port, so there were no planes aboard, but the view from the flight deck was still worth the price of admission (OK, so it was free). I jogged from the pointy end to the back end of that boat a couple of times, just to feel how big it was. And it was astoundingly big.

Weapons of War

Release Date - 2009
Platform - DVD
Developer -
Publisher - imp
In collection - Vol.1 "Fighters"
Publisher's Description -
Comments - An adequate base level introduction to the subject. Afficionados will find the information too shallow. Content comprises a 40 minute documentary with stock footage and a single voice-over. The "hard cover book" is a 24 page booklet nested in the DVD case.

Computer Pilot magazine: Vol.13

Exhibit - Computer Pilot
Official website - www.computerpilot.com/
Description - Volume 13 is available as a digital download. At 600 pages, it was on special in November 2009 at USD $4.99. To my mind this is an excellent example of a publisher who understands the dynamics of e-publishing. PC Aviator is taking advantage of the economies of e-publishing to deliver great value to the customer with this product.

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